CFE Is A Lot More Than Just Feed
We can book just about any product you can think of as a feed ingredient. Our ingredients and finished feeds are FDA quality and HACCP Certified. We sample all of the individual ingredients that come into our mills, so we know exactly what we’re putting into our feeds. We also retain that data so our customer can take a look if they so choose.

We’ll prepare best-cost formulations for you using your feed specifications and the ingredients we can access to arrive at the best possible finished feed cost.

Our services go beyond feed formulations to impact just about every aspect of your livestock operation. If you’re looking for pigs or cattle to custom feed or own, we have sources.

If you’re interested in forming or becoming part of a feeding group, we have lists of people who don’t have facilities but would like to invest in livestock ownership.

If, on the other hand, you’re considering building a new facility, we can help. We can cash flow a building to show you what the anticipated return would be. We offer livestock site planning, helping you determine the best spot to place the building based on regulatory requirements and other factors. Then we can also create a manure management plan for that building, or any facility, that will determine how to utilize the manure that building produces.

We offer livestock barn management. We can connect you with specialist who will walk your barns and give you a report on how that facility is preforming.

CFE Offers Everything You Need for Livestock!
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