Grain Contracts

Offer Buy – Allows a producer to organize a market strategy with a standing offer to price bushels at a set price during the day or night trade.
Forward Contracting – Gives the producer the ability to lock in CFE’s deferred cash grain price.
Hedge to Arrive Contract – Allows the producer to lock in a favorable futures market price with the basis open to capture anticipated basis improvement. Fees of .03/bushel on corn and .07/bushel on beans
Extended Price Contract – Allows the producer to price his grain at today’s cash price, receive a 70 percent cash advance, avoid all storage fees and go long on corn or soybeans futures of choice for an anticipated market rally. This contract has a .06/bushel fee.
Producer Accumulator Contract – Allows the producer to lock in a premium over the current deferred corn or soybean market. An even amount of bushels are priced weekly during the pricing period with a possible double up of bushels. We offer values well above the current market with this contract.
CFE Bonus Premium – Dependent on option values, this product offers an attractive bonus to the price of old crop grain the producer sells with an offer at higher values than what the deferred futures is offering on a like amount of bushels.
Merchant Plus Grain Program - Allows producers to enroll bushels and have the expertise of FCStone Merchant Services, LLC to market those bushels over a specific pricing period. This is a guarantee to get bushels sold. Fees of .10/bushel on corn and .15/bushel on soybeans.