CFE has your grain marketing & storage needs covered year-round


No matter the crop or the time of year, we’ve got the tools to handle all your grain marketing and storage needs. Our grain department consists of 19 locations with a combined grain storage capability of 38 million bushels. We offer a variety of contract options, and our licensed commodity brokers are prepared to help select the plan that’s best for your business. We also offer On Farm Pick Up for your grain. Learn more about our grain contracts and see cash bids at our locations.


Free Price Later - Grain received for Free Price Later must be priced on or before August 24th, 2018 using our daily nearby cash bid and cannot be applied to any future contracts. We are offering this as space allows, check with your location manager before you begin delivering. 

Offer Buy – Allows a producer to organize a market strategy with a standing offer to price bushels at a set price during the day or night trade.

Basis Contract - Allows producer to lock in a forward delivery basis and leave futures open to capture any upward movement. 
Forward Contracting – Gives the producer the ability to lock in CFE’s deferred cash grain price.
Hedge to Arrive Contract – Allows the producer to lock in a favorable futures market price with the basis open to capture anticipated basis improvement. Fees of .03/bushel on corn and .07/bushel on beans
Extended Price Contract – This contract allows the producer to price his grain at today’s cash price, receive a 70% cash advance, avoid all storage fees and goes long the September 2018 Corn futures and August 2018 Soybean futures. You would take part in futures rally but also still have downside risk.  This contract has a .07/maintenance fee. 
Producer Accumulator Contract – Allows the producer to lock in a premium over the current deferred corn or soybean market. An even amount of bushels are priced weekly during the pricing period with a possible double up of bushels. We offer values well above the current market with this contract.
CFE Bonus Premium – This is a contract that will pay you a bonus on your old crop corn or soybeans when you market them to CFE. The bonus you would receive on your old crop grain when sold would be an additional .15-.20 per bushel on corn and .25-.30 cents per bushel on soybeans. Then you have an additional offer for same bushels versus deferred futures of your choice at levels above current values.
CFE Insight Program - Allows producers to enroll bushels and have the expertise of one or all four of these Risk Management Companies market bushels on your behalf to diversify risk. This is a guarantee way to get bushels priced. The four risk management companies are Agrivisor, Doane, Pro Farmer and Roach Ag. For more information please see the CFE Insight flyer under the grain document tab to the right.