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Go Digital

Mar 12, 2020


We want to drive for speed and sustainability while incorporating cost saving measures and security to our cooperative owners. Going digital offers statements by email, ACH transactions and an online platform to view your accounts activity daily. We understand that business is happening faster today than ever before and the ability to move money around needs to be quicker. 


1. Fill out the email subscription form - found here
2. Register for a FarmerData account - found here
*Must complete both for raffle drawing

Automatically entered into a raffle drawing to win a $50 gift card when you sign-up!



  • View account balances, including prepaid, regular, and deferred activity.
  • Includes ticket detail, bookings with deliveries and the ability to export the data to excel.
  • View/print your monthly statement.
  • Execute transactions via ACH.
  • Historical account activity from former CEA and UFC. 
  • View grain transactions, such as scale tickets, contracts, settlements, grain bank balance and download the information to excel.


  • Subtotals by category of income and expense, with a breakdown by commodity purchased.
  • The ability to view fertilizer, chemicals, seed, feed, storage charges, lumber and merchandise are summarized with the ability to drill down into detail.  
  • View grain sales by commodity, with the ability to dig down into the details for the calendar year. 
  • A pie chart of your activity is displayed to provide a quick glance at where your dollars have been distributed.
  • Customer equity file.

Questions contact Jim Faber at the Rock Valley admin office 712-451-6280 or 

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