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Playing the Cards We Have Been Dealt-2018 Corn

Jul 04, 2018

We all know what we and our corn crop have been through thanks to mother nature’s wrath in June.  Odds are diseases are coming, so now what?

Where are we most at risk?

Diseases like damp conditions!  Several key diseases, including Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Gray Leaf Spot, start from previous year’s corn residue, so while all fields may face considerable pressure, corn on corn situations are likely at serious risk this year.  

Can we do anything about corn diseases profitably?

There is a wide swing in hybrid response to fungicide (RTF), and the Winfield United Answer Plot field trials have far and away the most extensive data set on RTF scores. We use this information to help determine which hybrids have the highest probability of a positive response.  This allows us to pick the fields most likely to have a profitable application and skip the less profitable fields.

Click to view RTF 100RM & Under
Click to view RTF 101RM & Up


What about loss of nitrogen from excessive moisture?

Late season supplemental nitrogen options are limited at this time unless you are under a pivot.  An addition of a small boost of nitrogen, and boron, with Gradual N is possible in conjunction with an aerial or hiboy fungicide application.  This is a safe foliar option that won’t burn the crop.
To sort through these details, contact your local CFE Agronomist.
They can combine RTF scores, imagery, and more to help prioritize the most
effective and economical use of your input dollars.


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