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Protect Nitrogen with Instinct

Mar 25, 2020

Hello everyone and greetings from me to you,

I am just sending out a reminder as we near spring to consider Instinct® ll to protect your nitrogen investment. The last two springs have been very wet to say the least. I have heard the national DTN and Iowa State University climatologists comment we will have more of the same weather in 2020.

If we use history as our guide and based off the last two springs, growers who used Instinct ll at 37 oz with their UAN or Urea spring applications delayed nitrification longer and maintained a slower nitrification process. This ultimately protects yield and environment since nitrogen is staying put. Instinct has the most extensive research of any nitrogen stabilizer shows nitrification can be delayed up to 84 days after application.
By using Instinct, applying fertilizer as close to planting as possible, split applying nitrogen applications, applying correct rates of nitrogen based off yield goal, considering the hybrids response to nitrogen score, and utilizing manure credits are all good strategies to get the most out of your nitrogen investment.

If you have questions, please contact any one of your CFE agronomists. Have a safe spring.

Terry Aukes
CFE Agronomy Sales Manager

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