Jun 01, 2020

This season, be sure to routinely monitor the health of your crops by asking your CFE agronomist to take tissue samples and have them tested for nutrient status. This will help ensure your crops are receiving what they need to deliver optimal yield and return on investment (ROI) potential for you. Here’s what to expect from your testing lab to help you make timely decisions.

Why is tissue sampling important?

By the time you see signs of nutrient deficiency in your fields, you’ve already lost yield potential. That’s why it’s important to detect nutrient deficiencies before they manifest physically in the plant. The only way to do this is by taking tissue samples so you can address deficiencies and boost nutrients to optimal levels.

Tissue tests indicate nutrient levels within a plant at a given time. In-season plant nutrient applications help protect yield potential against environmental stresses and boost overall plant growth. WinField® United’s proprietary NutriSolutions® tissue testing and analyses pinpoint nutrient deficiencies at critical growth stages so you can make necessary course corrections before ROI and yield potential are compromised.   



In-depth Review with CFE

Once your CFE agronomist gets tissue test results back, he or she should carefully review them with you and discuss next steps, such as:

  • Which nutrients do you need to apply and when?
  • What areas of the field need particular attention?
    • Are they poorer-performing areas where increased nutrition will help boost biomass?
    • Are they high-performing areas where additional nutrients would boost performance that much more?
  • Will predicted rainfall affect the scheduling of nutrient applications?  

It’s critical to formulate a nutrient plan that takes all these variables into account. You might not be able to act on everything, so work with your agronomist to prioritize your ROI and yield goals and implement the nutrition plan that’s most likely to help you achieve them.

Reach out to your CFE Agronomist today!

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