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TNT Treat N' Test

Sep 19, 2019

Set yourself up for explosive yields next year by testing your manure and treating with Instinct II.

USDA-NRCS Approved
Conservation Stewardship Program
University Supported
  • 2017 Iowa Ag Leader Award
  • University of Minnesota +10-12bu/acre. -1.3% moisture
  • University of Wisconsin +9.5% silage yield, +10% D.M.

Program details:

  • CFE will collect and submit a manure sample at no cost with the purchase of Instinct II.
  • One sample/1200 head
  • CFE will treat the pit with Instinct II at time of sample collection based on growers estimated acre coverage. If after receiving the manure analysis more instinct is needed CFE will put in additional product.
Contact your CFE Agronomist for more information. 

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