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Take Action with Herbicide Planning

Mar 25, 2020

Weed resistance is occurring in some of our most used herbicides. Making us aware that we need to diversify our strategies while trying to control our tougher weeds. Just because a herbicide “premix” containing a couple different active ingredients, does not necessarily make it more effective at targeting tough weeds.

Do all the actives work on the target weed(s)? Are the actives of the same mode of action (MOA)? Are rates high enough? These are important considerations we need to know in planning a successful weed control program. 

It is important to think through all these facets of a weed control program to keep fields clean. When possible, you should try your best to have at least two modes of action at high enough rates for each weed you are dealing with in the field. The best strategy is to do everything we can to keep weeds like waterhemp from even coming up. Timely spraying in the spring after emergence can be difficult. Therefore, we promote good rates of preplant herbicides followed by an early post application with another effective residual herbicide BEFORE the first herbicide’s residual wears out. The “overlapping residual” concept has worked very well over the last few years. The spread of herbicide resistance weeds is much more prevalent with post-applied herbicides than pre-emergent herbicides.

Our suggestion is to have a well thought out plan and follow through with it. Shaving costs will make success tough to achieve.

Discuss plan options with your CFE agronomist.

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