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Weather & Fungicide Forecast

Jan 24, 2020

The sooner we can quit talking about 2019, especially it’s weather pattern, the better if you asked me.  Unfortunately, the weather people seem to be forecasting a decent chance we could see another “wetter than normal” year.  The wetter years have likely caused one noticeable agronomic factor we experienced in 2018 & 2019 again and it was the yield increase we have seen from fungicide applications especially with corn.  After the 2019 harvest, a few corn yield maps we have shown 10 to 25 bu/ac response with a couple even > 30 bu/ac.  There are no guarantees as there was a case or two where it was 0-10 bu/ac, but the majority have been better than that.  The other factor experienced is an improved stalk quality and that was also quite noticeable again with the winds we had this fall when we were hoping the corn would stand in the field to dry down.

There are quite a few fungicide options to consider and as always, several price points to pick from.  The newer fungicide options generally have two advantages:
  1. They usually are coming out now with multiple modes of action (MOA) combined in the product.  If you look at what mother nature has done to our herbicides the last ten years or so in especially waterhemp resistance you understand how important it is, we don’t let the same thing happen in fungicides.  It will be even more detrimental if we generate disease resistance as we don’t have near as many MOA’s to switch to as herbicides have. 
  2. The other benefit new fungicides generally have is improved residual length and improved ability to spread in the leaf tissue which enhances protection leaf area from disease infestation.
TAKE HOME THOUGHTS: know your hybrid response to fungicide (some are much more responsive), know your crop rotation (corn on corn is nearly a no-brainer), understand wetter environments = better disease pressure potential, and to avoid resistance don’t cut rates and use mixed MOA fungicides.

Fungicide Grower Rebate:

We are hearing great results from Miravis Neo or Trivapro with Max-IN products in 2019. Growers who purchase a combination of Miravis Neo and Max-In along with other products will qualify for up to $4.00 per acre rebate. Growers who purchase Trivapro and Max-In will qualify for up to $2.00 per acre rebate. Trivapro/Max In product needs to be prepaid prior to 2-15-2020.


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