Ready for Spring?

Is that Spring on the horizon?

As spring approaches, it is always a good idea to be prepared for the change of season – Here are a few tips:

* Spalling concrete – A common effect of using salt on sidewalks and driveways to remove ice – appears as “flaking”- Can be repaired or sealed to avoid further damage

* Check downspouts – Make certain appropriate extensions are in place to properly divert flow of water at a minimum 4’ distance from edge of house Remove debris from gutters and downspouts

* Open it up – On a nice warm sunny day, inspect and open each window and door – Remove and rinse screens – Look for damage or rot around window sashes – Repair or refinish as needed

* Sunny days – On a sunny warm day (60 degree plus) Run your air conditioner to insure it is operating and cooling properly – Make certain external compressor is free of obstructions or debris – Clean if necessary

* Look up, Look down – Once the snow is melted off the roof, consider calling a roofing specialist to offer an assessment and opinion of roof condition – Also consider consulting a landscape specialist to verify proper slope and drainage away from structures – Trim cut and clean trees, shrubs and vegetation 

These tips brought to you by the CFE lumber team.