Agronomy first is how our agronomy professionals think. As a full-service agronomy retailer, we know how important it is to get the most crop from the inputs to ensure the most efficient crop, each year.

Knowledge Is Power

Using 30-35 unique Innovate plots each year to test hybrids, starter fertilizer and pertinent management practices to ensure we have solid data when we recommend products and management practices to our customers. Innovate Plots include research on seed treatments, foliar applications, biologicals, fertility, and precision planting.

Innovate Plots are the power behind the science, bringing the results to life and fine tuning them for our customers on every field.

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This is it!

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Innovate Plot System

Each year, we hand pick 30-35 plots where we test the performance and sustainability of the latest hybrids, starter fertilizer and other pertinent management practices.

By using multiple years of data and replicated trials, we are able to deliver comprehensive and accurate data that can help growers find the best insight that boost yields and address issues from past seasons.

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Innovate Ag

Using our Innovate Cropping Technologies program we partner with our farmers to plan each field to find the right crop input decisions based on how you manage. At the end of the season, we provide a report card of the management practices backing up our agronomist decisions with real field data. Correlating decisions made and yield results.

Supporting Your Goals with Tech

Using 2-years of past yield data and the expertise of the farmer and local agronomist, Our Innovate process starts with creating a planting and fertilizers prescriptions using industry leading tools like Climate Fieldview and the R7 Tool from WinField United.

Throughout the season, we will monitor and work with you to ensure we support goals. Then, at the end of each season your agronomist creates an Innovate report card of all in season management decisions and how they impacted yield. Using Innovate, farmers can correlate their management practices with their ROI.

Having insights on each field’s ROI can efficiently help the farmer optimize their operation and solidify their decisions.

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