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2021 Soil Temps

Apr 15, 2021

By Jeff Blauwet, CFE Technical Agronomist

One of the main topics every Spring is the temperature of the soils and how that relates to planting. Corn germination really is only progressing if the soil temp is >50°F. The soil temp is most important the first 48 hours after planting as a large % of the water the kernel takes in is in this timeframe. Absorbing water <50°F can cause damage to the cells in the kernel known as “Imbibitional Chilling” which likely will lead to some “corkscrewed” seedlings that won’t emerge or emerge quite late while being nonproductive.


We have a link on the CFE website for Iowa State’s county by county estimated 4” soil temps updated daily and also a link for the Iowa Mesonet network that shows actual live weather station reading updated hourly. We have a couple stations locally, one by Doon and one by Ocheyedan. Go to the CFE website, click the “Agronomy” link on the home page then click on the “Soil Temp” link to find the information.

ISU Soil Temps

Soil Moisture Mesonet Station 

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