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Corn Maturity Estimation

Aug 12, 2021

by Jeff Blauwet, CFE Technical Agronomist

Our fairly early planting start this spring and our rapid GDU accumulation, especially in June has pushed corn along quite quickly towards maturity. From a grain drying perspective this will lead to dry grain this fall and a minimal drying expense. Unfortunately, when that is the case during the bulk of the summer to push corn along rapidly, it speeds grain development and the trade off is a little less grain yield. With our commodity prices though we still have a good profit potential. 

There is an online modeling tool available to estimate your specific field by field and hybrid by hybrid maturity. You can select your location on a map to more accurately show your location’s GDU accumulation. You select your planting date as well as your specific hybrid’s GDU’s to relative maturity and the model will estimate the maturity date with average, below average, and above average temps from that date forward so it gives you a date range that is helpful in planning harvest.

The tool is located at the website:


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