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Making Cents on Seed Treatments

Apr 18, 2022

By Terry Aukes, CFE Sales Manager

As we continue to plant soybeans earlier and earlier and in more cases before corn, we look for ways to protect the seed. Data continues to strongly reinforce early soybean planting which used to mean late April but recently has transitioned to early to mid April. Additionally, many soybeans are no tilled meaning soils can stay cool and damp for a long period of time. Seeding rates are also continuing to trend lower due to seed costs, positive yield data, and concerns over white mold, so protecting each and every seed is a necessity. There are many different types of seed treatments on the market which continues to expand and I want to take some time to discuss some of the seed treatment offerings CFE has and what they do. Seed treatment offerings listed below are not inclusive but would be the majority what CFE offers. As soybean yields continue to rise and impress please consider a seed treatment package that fits your operation!

Important Note!  CFE offers 100% replant guarantee on seed and seed treatment if replant occurs. The replant treatment will be covered matching the original treatment and 100% of the seed is covered. Replant must be verified by a CFE agronomist. This is a great benefit to take the stress and guess work out if you're on the fence in replanting or not. Ask your CFE agronomist for details!

Warden CX (contains Thiamethoxam 20%, Mefenoxam, 5.99%, Fludioxonil 1.0%, Sedaxane 1.0%)
  • Contains same insecticide and fungicide combo in Syngenta’s Cruiser Max.
  • Fungicide component protects against seedling damage from soil and seed borne diseases, also seedling diseases including Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium and Phytophthora.
  • Insecticide component protects against carious seed and foliar feeding insects.
  • Some of the same active ingredients corn seed is treated with.

Vayantis (contains Picarbutrazox 36%)
  • Protects against Pythium and Phytophthora and delivers added protection to what is currently offered in Cruiser Max or Warden CX.
  • Will be commercially available included with Warden CX in 2023.

RightStart (contains Thiabendazole 4L ST 40%, Heads-Up 10%, and Biost VPH 50%)
  • RightStart contains the commercially marketed Heads Up biological seed treatment plus some additional biological components to prevent fungal and bacterial diseases. Is the first EPA registered seed treatment for the prevention of SDS and white mold in soybeans.
  • Heads Up® is not a traditional fungicide and therefore is not active on the disease (pathogen) itself. Instead, Heads Up® utilizes a unique Mode of Action (M.O.A) called Systemic Acquired Resistance (S.A.R.), which activates the plant’s genetic resistance to soil borne diseases by stimulating its natural defense pathways. Working systemically Heads Up® signals your plant’s innate genetic defense abilities early on before disease pathogens attack - the unique advantage of Heads Up®. When Heads Up® is applied as a seed treatment, producers gain with a full season of defense against a broad spectrum of yield robbing pathogens. USE HEADS UP® TO ENHANCE YOUR CURRENT SEED TREATMENT PACKAGE Heads Up® contains no living organisms, and is not restricted by time limitations between treatment and use, making it user safe and friendly. Heads Up® is compatible when mixed with other fungicides/insecticides/inoculants and can offer extra assurance to the grower because of its separate, distinct M.O.A. Heads Up® is OMRI listed, providing organic farmers with a means of protection against fungal and bacterial diseases.
Ascend (contains Cytokinin .76%, Gibberellic acid .25%, Indole Butyric acid .37%)
  • A plant growth regulator labeled for in furrow, foliar and seed treatment.
  • (PGR) contains an optimal combination of three plant growth regulators, which can result in vigorous early plant germination and emergence, a robust root system, larger leaves and wider stems to help give you a jump on the growing season. Ascend SL plant growth regulator can be used as a seed treatment, in furrow or as a foliar application. Ascend SL plant growth regulator can also be applied by ground or air.

Preside Ultra (contains rhizobia (Bradyrhizobium japonicum with multiple strains)
  • Preside Ultra is a soybean inoculant that uses Take Off Technology to improve soybeans ability to emerge, establish a stand and effectively utilize and increase levels of nitrogen provided to the plant. Helps seeds become more vigorous with healthier stands.
  • Preside Ultra provides up to 65% more nodule mass to increase nitrogen-fixing spurring faster canopy. 
  • It is particularly important to inoculant fields that have not been planted to soybeans for several years including crp or longer term corn on corn rotations. Field situations that are low or high ph or if your in an ultra high yield environment are prime situations to inoculant.

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