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Management Recommendations for Grazing Down Cornstalks

Oct 22, 2021

Follow these guidelines 4-5 days before turning the cows out:

Feed cows an energy source containing starch:
  • 20-25# Corn Silage/day
  • 5-10# Earlage/day
  • 3-5# Corn/day

Get your cows on a mineral before turnout. We recommend one of the following products:
  • Wind & Rain w/ XPC & Availa 4
  • Wind & Rain w/ CLX
  • Purina Stress Tub
    • Tubs offer more consistence intake, and the licking action creates more saliva which helps buffer the rumen

In addition, you can add 2 ½ # of Sodium Bi-Carb per 100 gallons of water if applicable.

Do Not turn the cows out hungry, make sure they are content.

Do Not turn them out early in the day. Wait until late morning or early afternoon so they can get some fill. Cows are most hungry right away in the morning.

Contact the CFE Beef team with questions. 

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