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Mar 09, 2021

By: Jeff Blauwet, CFE Technical Agronomist

Many of you are already adding a mixture of talc+graphite to the seed corn at planting time to help lubricate the seed and decrease static electricity to aid in consistent seed release/spacing. We have added an option in a product called Seed+. It is the same talc/graphite mixture, but it incorporates a few plant growth regulators (PGR) as well as some micronutrients. The PGR’s give the seedlings additional stress tolerance and seem to enhance vigor. We don’t have trial data on it yet, but we did plant some seed with and without and you can seed a little quicker early growth as shown here:


If we can get the seedlings to be just a little more vigorous early, we get a higher % emerged within that first 24 hours which as we have continued to learn is very important with corn yields. Then we may also start to see the benefits of the micronutrients included. 

Contact your CFE Agronomist to switch your plain talc/graphite mix to a product like this for not a lot of cost addition.

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