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Soybean Fungicide Decisions

Jul 20, 2022

By: Jeff Blauwet, CFE Technical Agronomist

That mid-summer decision on whether to invest in a fungicide seems a little easier with commodity prices like we have experienced. It has been a more consistent yield bump in our Innovate trial system than most things we have tested. We have gained 3.7 bu/ac average over 9 years and 20 sites of testing with the top-of-the-line fungicides.  Keep in mind not all fungicides are created equal. There are cheap single mode of action (MOA) options (mainly strobularins) out there but we already have Frogeye Leaf Spot resistance to them so they should be avoided. Multiple MOA fungicides like Delaro Complete, Miravis Neo, & Revytek all contain 3 MOA and have more residual length and are more effective on Frogeye Leaf Spot which has become one of our main diseases in soybeans.

Beans can respond well to a foliar feed of nutrients late season as well since they are REALLY busy trying to uptake enough nutrients for all the flowers and pods (and then seeds) they are trying to maintain. We have tested in our Innovate Trials Max In Beans which is a combination of several micros and have shown 2.2 bu/ac response in 7 years of testing and 13 sites. This is a lower cost option at R3 stage or if you decide to wait for aphids and have to apply later (which is when the aphids have shown up the last few years) this is a VERY good ROI with the soybean prices currently. Foliar feed products probably can be of value from R2 (full flower up until R5 (pods with seed in a pod at a plant node near the top).  Micronutrients or even foliar nitrogen can be especially valuable.

Insects are also always of concern on beans and two that are likely starting to be present are Spider Mites and grasshoppers. Both like hot dry weather and with the late June and July weather pattern these will be on the rise. Aphids are not really doing anything around yet so they are not currently a target. They may come later but they are hard to predict. I would recommend using something that is effective on Spider Mites as a priority this year.
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