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Bullish or Bearish


Find which contract best fits the market at your price.

Contract Delivery Cash Now/
Cash Later
Cost Notes
Accumulator Future Later n/a Good tool to use as your first sale. Offers prices above current market. We offer 4 different accumulators.
Offer Buy Future Later n/a Set a specific price & bushels, orders will work during day & night trade.
Insight Program Future Later $$ Choose from 4 companies to set your futures on your grain.
Averaging Pool Future Later $ Great way to price bushels to capture market seasonality and avoid storage.
Forward Delivery Future Later n/a Lock in our deferred prices.
Hedge to Arrive Future Later $$ Set your futures price while leaving basis open.
Basis Contract Future Later n/a Set your basis while leaving futures open.
Bonus Premium Now Now n/a Get a bonus for your grain today for a secondary future offer. Secondary future offer is typically above the current market.
Extended Price Now Now $$ Avoid storage. Receive an advance and stay open in the market.
Minimum Price Now Now $-$$$ Great tool to control downside risk. Can get an advance.
Price Later Now Now $$$ Storage. Capture future and basis improvement.
Flex Floor Advantage Future Later $$-$$$ Forward marketing tool to help lock in a floor price, but still have unlimited upside. Requires spending option premium.


Low Neutral High
Opinion Bullish Price Later
Extended Price/Basis Contract
Minimum Price
Minimum Price
Averaging Pool
Flex Floor Advantage
Minimum Price
Offer Buy
Flex Floor Advantage
Neutral Weekly DU Accumulator
Euro DU Accumulator
Bonus Premium
Any Accumulator Bonus Premium Insight Program Accum. w/ Euro DU & GQ
Cash Contract/Forward Sale
Bearish Euro DU Accumulator Bonus Premium
Range Accumulator
Accum. w/ Euro DU & GQ
Bonus Premium
Cash Contract/Forward Sale

This diagram helps filter through all the contracts we offer to find which contract best fits the market and your opinion on price.
Example: Prices are high & you are bullish. We would recommend you use a “Minimum Price”, “Flex Floor Advantage”, or “Offer Buy”.

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