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Empowering Your Cooperative

CFE Views 9.2: Empowering Your Cooperative

The Significance of Nominating Board Members.

As the crop season unfolds, so does the start of another process: the nomination and election of board members for our cooperative. At the heart of this democratic process lies the opportunity for each member to help shape the future of CFE, ensuring their voices are heard and their interests are represented. Our member-elected board of directors plays a pivotal role in steering the course through investing their time and effort in advancing the interests of our cooperative and its members. The make up of our board reflects the diversity of our membership, with representatives from various areas of our territory and various backgrounds in the industry. This ensures that decision-making is inclusive and equitable, with each member bringing different perspectives to the table. Decisions are not made overnight; the board thoroughly deliberates and plans to ensure members are receiving the most value from the cooperative. Board members give us a greater understanding of the needs of members and the impact such decisions will have. Nominations are a significant part of empowering cooperatives, giving members the freedom to express choice in leadership and giving the existing directors an idea of who will align with the cooperative’s values and objectives. The nomination and election process is not merely a right, but a responsibility as this process has shaped the entire cooperative system for decades. Although elections do not occur until the fall, now is the time to start considering nominations. To qualify as a potential board member, you must possess a good business mindset, commit time for board meetings and actively support the cooperative with your business through a Class A membership. If you are interested in being on the nominating committee or board, fill out the form on our website by scanning the QR code below and we’ll be in touch. In the coming year, let us continue to work hand in hand, fostering collaboration and driving innovation. By actively participating in the nomination and election of our board members, we proudly display our commitment to the principles of democracy and collective stewardship. Together, we can build a brighter, more prosperous future for CFE. <<

CFE Nominating Committee/Board Interest Form: