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Feed Safety


Biosecurity continues to be top-of-mind for many livestock producers around the country. With growing concerns of foreign animal disease making headlines, specifically for pork producers, we want to ensure all of our customers that we not only have processes currently in place but have team members whose primary focus is to make the biosecurity efforts of CFE top-notch if additional foreign animal diseases (FAD) enter the United States. To gain more knowledge about biosecurity protocol, consider these questions to put your minds at ease.

  1. What is CFE’s biosecurity program to minimize the spread of pathogens?
    There are many thoughts, plans, and training that go into our cooperative to maintain a high-standard biosecurity program. Our first focus is protecting ports of entrance by ensuring the physical security of buildings, equipment, and grounds. We also monitor the movement of employees with access to the feed mills who visit farms or feed their own livestock. Only approved personnel are allowed in the feed mills. We enforce vehicle hygiene by sanitizing trucks before entering feed mill property if exposed to a FAD. In addition, all of our personnel have to clean and sanitize before handling any feed products.
  2. Does CFE train its employees on feed safety?
    Yes, only qualified individuals are allowed to be around the feed mill portion of the co-op. These employees receive education, training, and the experience necessary to manufacture, process, pack, or hold safe animal food. This education is not something we take lightly and is mandatory before individuals are allowed to be around feed.
  3. Is there a traceability program to track products coming into the cooperative?
    CFE has a traceability system that accounts for ingredients, raw materials, and finished products. Records of receiving, manufacturing, and distribution are identifiable, maintained, and retrievable. This system is evaluated and regularly tested at each facility to ensure its effectiveness. Mock recalls are conducted at every facility that manufactures, processes, packages, or holds animal food to make sure we are streamlined and know the procedure if a recall does happen.
  4. Does CFE use ingredients manufactured or packaged outside of the United States?
    Yes, and all of our China-sourced amino acids come to us in their concentrated form. They are shipped in containers within bags or totes. CFE’s vendors also use their own holding period and store at an appropriate temperature to limit the life of foreign animal diseases. CFE continually monitors information from suppliers regarding mitigation steps for foreign animal diseases.
  5. If a highly contagious foreign animal disease were to enter the United States, is CFE prepared?
    CFE employees have been and are consistently trained on multiple protocols. It is our priority to best serve our customers by additional processes and protocol, knowing that their livestock is their livelihood.

We are continually analyzing our biosecurity measures while still feeling confident in our current protocol measures. If you have any additional questions contact Chris Lincecum, Feed Safety Director.

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