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Lumber Division Hits Impressive Milestones


Prices and Services of Big-Box Stores But With A Professional Team You Trust.

It’s been a very busy and exciting year for the CFE Lumber Division, a welcomed bright spot in a challenging year for farmers and the cooperative itself.

“Our customers are realizing that we’re more than just a lumberyard,” says Dave Helms, CFE Lumber Division Vice President. “It shows in our numbers. We sold more than 60 semi-loads of shingle products this year. Sixty semi-loads is a lot of shingles!”

In fact, combined with all of the other products and services provided for CFE customers, the Lumber Division had $14 million in sales during the last fiscal year. That’s a 20 percent year- over-year increase in sales. The team collaborated with customers on more than 30 swine confinement barns and has built commercial buildings as well as residential projects, often collaborating on kitchen and bath design with CFE’s Okoboji-based Design Center.

“The Spirit Lake Lumberyard has built 6,000 square-foot homes with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cabinetry alone,” Helms says. “Yes, we can do that level of work, but we want people to know that we can also do smaller projects that need to stay on a strict budget. We will help you determine what you need without breaking the bank.”

The division is taking advantage of their success by adding product lines and updating locations.

“We are building a new outdoor shingle storage building at Spirit Lake and are replacing an old building at Ocheyedan with a new modern racking system that improves efficiencies and cuts down on manual labor for racking and storing lumber,” he says. “We’re also adding flooring and carpet lines at our Design Center.”

Bottom line, Helms says, is that CFE Lumber has the skills and know-how to handle the big projects which helps them provide the services and savings customers want for their construction and remodeling projects, right in their own backyard.

“We want customers to know that you can save big money at CFE Lumber, too,” he says.

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