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Take Advantage of Our 2024 Spring Bushel Bounty

Grain corn pile

Seize this exceptional marketing opportunity to hedge against price risks while securing your seed for the upcoming season. Commit to selling either your old or new crop for fall delivery and enjoy the following seed incentives:

For every 8,000 bushels of Corn or 4,000 bushels of Soybeans sold, receive a premium of $0.05 per bushel on Corn and/or $0.12 per bushel on Soybeans, which will be applied towards your seed purchase for 2025.

To qualify for the seed incentive, for every 8,000 bushels of Corn or 4,000 bushels of Soybeans sold, you must purchase a minimum of 40 acres (16 bags Corn or 40 bags Soybeans) worth of seed. (1000 bu Corn = 5 acres (2 bags Corn) or 1000 bu Soybeans = 5 acres (5 bags Soybeans))

  • Example 1: Sell 30,000 bushels of Corn on a Fall Cash Buy Contract and receive a rebate of $1,500.00 (30,000 bushels * $0.05), which can be applied towards a minimum seed purchase of 60 bags of Corn (20 bags per 10,000 bushels sold), resulting in a $25 per bag rebate.
  • Example 2: Sell 10,000 bushels of Corn and 5,000 bushels of Soybeans. You will receive $1,100.00 ($0.05 per bushel for Corn and $0.12 per bushel for Soybeans). To maximize your rebate, purchase a minimum of 100 acres of seed, resulting in a rebate of $1,100.00. This could be equivalent to 40 units of Corn or 100 units of Soybeans, or any combination thereof.


This opportunity runs through July 15, 2024.

Reach out to the CFE Grain Team or your CFE Agronomist with any questions.

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